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I bought a used/refurbished TEMCO model T5 parts washer about 13 years ago, It had a malfunction after using it for 3 or 4 months and broke down. I called TEMCO and he sent me a brand new T5!! It arrived in a couple of days!! Now 13 years later after never having a single problem with it. The oil skimmer blades started wearing out. I called TEMCO to buy some new blades and he said don't worry about it and sent me new skimmer blades for free! This has to be the best customer service of any business in history! At least that I've experienced and I will be a loyal TEMCO customer for life!! Also I will promote your company and products every chance I get!



Mike Owen

Owner / PowerMax Transmission

Sevierville, TN


I have been in the transmission business for over 30 years. I have used just about every spray washer on the market. The TEMCO T5 I purchased beats them all hands down!! This washer cleans better and quicker than any other I've used bar none! It is also easy to clean which I really like! The TEMCO AP Blend detergent also works better than other detergents I've used. TEMCO has always been their when I needed anything.


Thanks TEMCO great product and great customer service!

Dan Poloski, Granada Hills Transmission, Granada Hills, CA


I purchased this little washer to clean small engine parts. But man was I surprised at the work this little thing can do! I wish I would have bought this thing 10 years ago. I have saved enough time not having to wash parts by hand I'll put at least $10,000.00 back in my pocket this year. It does the best job of cleaning too! I have washed everything from engine blocks to my hand tools and am still finding things to put in it.


Thanks TEMCO for such a great piece of equipment. Its the best investment I''ve made in the shop bar none!

Ron Cornell/Cornell Enterprises / OKC, OK


We purchased this TEMCO T5 unit for cleaning of all types of automotive parts. This machine is working great and the mechanics have nothing but great things to say about it. The built in filtering is a huge time saver. We are delighted with our new parts washer and would recommend TEMCO to anyone. TEMCO''s customer service is outstanding and a pleasure to work with.



Teri Mundt

City of Auburn, California / Fleet Corporation Yard



We purchased the TEMCO model T20 to wash whole motors and transmission. After using the washer for a week or so and realizing the production time we were saving. I had to kick myself for not purchasing it 10 years earlier. We use this washer for a kinds of batch cleaning, i,e. starters, alternator, AC compressors and the list goes on. TEMCO's customer service is excellent too. They either answer the phone directly or call back very quickly to answer our questions. I recommend TEMCO to any company looking for a quality cabinet washer.


Kevin Hoffman

Rockford Auto Parts

Rockford, IL



I am the turbo shop manager for BD Performance Power Diesel located in Abottsford, BC, Canada. We purchased the TEMCO model T5 washer in 06. I have used many different washer over the years and non perform as well as the TEMCO we have. The TEMCO is easy to clean and maintain. The electrical system is simple to follow. TEMCO really thought out the design of their washers very well. Russ at TEMCO's home office is always available when I have called to ask questions about detergents or different cleaning applications. We are so satisfied with our TEMCO washer we will be buying another in the coming weeks. We won't have any other washer in our shop.


Thanks TEMCO!

George Bekei

BD Performance Power Diesel

BC, Canada

I purchased my TEMCO T5 washer way back in 1997. It still works as good as the day I purchased it! TEMCO really builds a good one. I would highly recommend TEMCO washers and have to many of my friends in the transmission and machine shop business. Simple design and easy to clean. I have used a lot of different washers from Storm Vulcan to Ranger and everything in between and TEMCO beats um all hands down.When and if this one ever wears out I'll be calling TEMCO to order another.


Frank's Transmission



My T5 washer works great!



Greg Clark

Clark Transmission



The TEMCO parts washer works great, we've had no problem with it at all. As far as customer service goes, you will not find a better company to work with. Russ and Wes have gone above and beyond a company's standard to insure that we where completely happy with the unit, for that we will always be a TEMCO customer.


Thanks TEMCO!

Matt Frassrand

Sumter Electric CoOp

Sumterville, Florida


We have put the TEMCO model T10 parts washer to the test, and it has performed well. We are well pleased with the performance of our TEMCO washer. It has been a welcomed asset to the shop. Great product!


Jimmy Griego

Shop Foreman

MHC Kenworth

Texarkana, TX


Outstanding Detergent. We use TEMCO's AP Blend everyday. Customer Service is hands down the best!


Dustin Hartley





We are a Marine Diesel Engine Repair facility, after many years of putting off the purchase of a parts washing machine. And after months of research. We finally decided to purchase one of TEMCO's model T20 washers. Because of there straight forward and honest approach. We spent hours of calling different companies but kept coming back to TEMCO because there honest sales approach. You will not be disappointed. If you have a question they are just a phone call away.


Thanks TEMCO for a great washer and customer service!

Dustin Hartley,





Myself as General Manager and the rest of our staff at North Star Leasing Company have worked with TEMCO for over 12 years. We have financed hundreds of parts washers. While we cannot tell you where the On button is we will say customers love their product and find it of the highest quality. We have yet to have a complaint. Russ and his father Wes know their product and have great pride in it, likely because they designed it. Always easy to reach their customer service is world class. They are dependable and build a quality product. I'm am proud to recommend TEMCO to whomever may be considering buying a parts washer. I may be reached at 800 874 4747.



Kyle Albee

North Star Leasing Company

Burlington, VT


Machine works great! Easy to use easy to clean. I have been doing transmission work for 25 years this is the best machine I have ever used.


Thanks for a great product TEMCO!

Jeff Davis


Savannah, Georgia


Our company is Universal Impact Technology. We rebuild commercial jack hammers. We searched the web for 6 months trying to find a good cleaning system. We kept coming back to TEMCO. Russ was very friendly and helpful. We purchased a model T5 washer and it has performed above and beyond our expectations. We have cut our production time by half with the TEMCO washer doing the cleaning freeing us up to rebuild more hammers. If you need a great parts washer TEMCO makes the Best! If you would like to talk to us about ours we would be glad to brag about our TEMCO washer. We can be reached at 706-253-7404.


Thanks TEMCO!


Universal Impact Technology

Jasper, Georgia


Thanks for all your assistance and technical knowledge with our new TEMCO washer. We got and installed our T5 and have been enjoying it''s usefulness. It is incredibly simple to use and maintain. It works incredibly well, and I believe the profitability of the machine will quickly pay for itself. We shopped around and looked at a lot of different brands of washers, and I am convinced we picked the right one.rnI would recommend this product to anyone considering one of these machines.


Thanks again.

Mark Bivens

Lexus of Las Vegas



I own D.C. Transmission Service in Del City, Oklahoma. I have used many different kinds of parts washers over my 40 years in the transmission rebuilding business. I can say hands down the TEMCO model T5 I purchased beats them all hands down. I have compiled a list of reasons why below.


1. cleans faster and better.

2. simple controls.

3. easy to clean and maintain.

4. great customer service.


I would highly recommend TEMCO for anyone looking to purchase a new parts washer.


Thanks TEMCO for such a great product.


Tom Fisher,

D.C. Transmission Service

4737 S.E. 29th Street

Del City, OK 73115



Our company Guardian Pool Fence Systems, Inc. purchased a used TEMCO T3 in February 2010 that was traded in to TEMCO for the larger T5. This unit was totally refurbished. It has everything we wanted in a parts washer. Prior to finding TEMCO online, we looked into purchasing a different parts washer that was more than 2X the cost of a new T3! We are thrilled that we purchased this T3. We need to clean over 1000 pieces of 1/2" X 7" stainless steel rod coated in cutting oil every other day or more. We can wash over 220 parts at a time using the double trays we ordered with the T3. The parts are completely washed in about 10 minutes. When we open the T3 right after washing the parts are so hot we need gloves to remove them. The parts then flash dry and are squeaky clean! The oil skimmer is really a great feature. We had our doubts about the oil skimmer, but it works great and much better than we ever expected. There was one problem in the beginning with the timer and TEMCO sent us a new one immediately. This is an excellent piece of equipment and we can''t put into words how happy we are. This is as good of a parts washer as you are going to find at any dollar amount.


Steve Sandinsky

Guardian Pool Fence Systems

Van Nuys, CA


Russ went out of his way to help us in obtaining our new TEMCO T5 parts washer. I have never dealt with a more professional business. Our T5 is a dream come true for cleaning parts and taking paint off aircraft slings and lifting devices. The T5 has saved my shop countless man-hours allowing me to increase our production. The machine is simple and easy to use. This is a MUST for anybody cleaning parts or stripping paint. We haven''t had any problems with our unit and ours has run almost non-stop since it has arrived. Russ and his company have made life long customers out of us. Semper Fi.


SSgt Yeary,

Marine Helicopter Squadron One




Hello, I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with the TEMCO AP blend detergent I recently purchased. Compared to the previous product the savings are nothing short of HUGE and as far as we can tell cleaning action is at least as good if not better. We will have a significant savings in cost of operation in our shop with your product.


Thanks! Butch Cherrington

Mt Vernon Ohio

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