Evaporation System
Multi-Tier Table
Rinse Cycle
Super Heat
Heat Timer
Auto Fill System
3PH Power System
Mid Range Spray Bar

Evaporation System

This operation works in conjunction with the manual reset system and eliminates the thermostat when engaged to heat water to boiling point thus evaporating water from tank leaving only a small amount of debris and water reducing clean up time and hazardous waste removal.

Super Heat

Much like the Evaporation system, but takes water to a boiling point for short duration for better cleaning of tough stains.

Automatic Fill

Uses a mechanical float and electric valve to keep water level at optimum levels reducing need to manual fill with hose or bucket and reduces chances of pump cavitation and extending life of seals. (requires a water connection)

3 Phase Electrical Power System

In case your location is serviced with 3 phase power from the electric utility we have an option to power your machine with 3 phase power to meet the conditions of your facility.

Rinse System

Temco parts washers can be outfitted with rinse option this requires additional plumbing and auto fill system to manually rinse parts with fresh water after wash cycle.

Blow Off System

The parts washer can be manufactured to have a compressed air connection and hosing to manually blow off the parts after wash cycle.

Mid-Range Spray Bar 

An additional spray bar can be centrally located on the vertical spray bar with fittings allowing the mid-range bar to be adjustable and get water flow closer to parts on table or parts tree.

Heat Timer

this is a highly recommended feature that allows user to set a time for heater to start heating water prior to start of day. This timer will also shut off at preset time saving energy and wear and tear on components when someone forgets to shut off the heat at end of day. Also features a day setting to prevent turning on during weekends.

Multi-Tier Turntable

When you just need more flat surface are we can add a multi-tier table to your parts washer Temco parts washer have industries highest table load capacity allowing the use of multi-tier tables.





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