TEMCO Industrial Parts Washing Solutions

Simplicity that works. Quality you can appreciate. At a glance, it may seem like all spray washers are alike. Because of our combination of superior availability, construction, and design advantages, TEMCO stands head and shoulders above the fray.

TEMCO Quality and Satisfaction Stands Apart

TEMCO manufacturers quality parts washers designed with the user in mind. TEMCO's parts washing cabinets have won top tool of the year awards 2 years in a row.

Whatever the Need, TEMCO has the Perfect Part Washing Solution

  1. Our automotive parts washers are used extensively in the automotive transmission repair industry.
  2. TEMCO's machine parts washers are also used in machine shops.
  3. The aviation industry makes extensive use of many of TEMCO's parts washing cabinets from compressor rebuilding to jet engine repair and machine parts washer applications.
  4. Many large companies utilize TEMCO Industrial parts washers a sample of these companies are Lockheed Martin, Halliburton, Armstrong Flooring, U.S. Postal Service, International Paper, just to name a sample of the diversity of industry that works with our parts washers.
  5. TEMCO's cabinet washers are also used by every branch of the military.

Long-Lasting, Easy to Maintain, Easy to Clean

TEMCO Industrial parts washers are very easy to maintain, repair and especially clean. TEMCO's automotive parts washers customers named TEMCO parts washers the easiest to clean on the market. Many of TEMCO's parts washers have been in the field for 25 plus years and are still working as good as the day they were put into operation. That says a lot about TEMCO quality.

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Selecting the right industrial parts washer to meet your businesses parts washing needs is critical. The right parts washing solution will save you both time and money. A TEMCO industrial parts washer will pay for itself in just months. Learn more about the TEMCO industrial parts washer difference ...


Many companies overlook the impact of how their industrial parts washing solution affects their product quality, efficiency, workplace, the environment and their profitability. You may be washing away thousands of dollars hand washing parts or utilizing an old inefficient washing system ...


Being able to easily obtain parts is critical. Waiting for a replacement part to arrive from Sweden or Japan will cost you unnecessary down time and aggravation. Work with a manufacturer like TEMCO who stocks and can supply “factory” parts to meet your replacement needs ...